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Be part of our team of professionals and work with one the biggest international growing franchises in the world. Our work philosophy it's about the Excellence. We offer our clients the best attention in order to create a confortable and relaxing environment.

+ 60 Franchises

We are present in 6 countries with over 60 franchises, and we are always expanding our operations.

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We offer a unique customer service, which sets us apart from the competition.

Work Environment

We have a great work environment for the beauty profesional, as well as for our corporate employees.


The Barbers of our team, must be kind and polite, have the ease of talking with customers. Experience in hair cutting is required with particular attention to North American latest trendy styles, shaving and adjustment of beard, knowledge of traditional cuts and the traditional culture of barberies (which also provides rigorous order and cleanliness of your work station and strumnti ). You must know the color of the hair to meet the needs of fashion and customers.

We seek excellent proffesionals with great communication and interpersonal skills, with the know-how to diagnose the conditions of the hair and scalp and the ability to offer products to better advise the client. Knowledge of the English language. Must have a licence or permit for the exercise of the activity.


A basic manicurist of our team needs to be kind and polite, have the ease of talking with customers. Must know lastest hair and massages techniques to diagnose the condition of the skin around the nails and the ability to offer products to better advise the client.

A summary of the profile of a basic manicurist of our team:

  • Cut, profile and polish the nails.
  • Condition the skin around the nails with oils and creams.
  • Know the massages techniques in hands or arms to improve circulation.
  • Tailor-made nail reinforcement treatments


The Store Manager must be someone with a strong customer service orientation and capable of achieving the predefined objectives. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as being able to speak English fluently (any other languages are a plus). Team work ability, be collaborative and knowing of sales techniques it's what we seek for this position.

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